1. The Weekly Blogging Begins…

I used to have this peculiar bias towards blogs and bloggers and blogging in general. I’m not sure why exactly, but a younger me, seemed to think that bloggers were either, loners, completely self-obsessed, extremely bored, or just wannabe writers that couldn’t make it in the literary world and therefore turned to blogging as a last resort- (although some of these may be true in my case, but hopefuly not all of the above) my bias is disipating. I have read some very well-written, literary gems here in the blogosphere lately and have decided to get on board with the oldest of the the “new” media, I know, I know, I’m a little slow, but I’m here now… Of course, I am not giving up my dream of trying to “make it” as a writer in the literary world of quills, paperbacks and capitalism. Someday I will get published elsewhere, somewhere that could possibly make me money, (gasp!), I will be submitting short stories and poems regularly to literary journals around the globe until everybody is sick of me, or until my magic piece captures the hearts of an entire editorial board somewhere!!! But really, let’s bring it back to this blog. As writers, why do we write? Obviously, because it is fun and exciting and fills us with a joyous tingly sensation (well me anyway) but also to share our inspiration, to share our ideas and words. 

Since I graduated from University I have not written nearly as much as I would like to. I always have excuses. I am too tired from working so much, I have no inspiration, “I have writer’s block” even me, who is obsessed with writing, intensely passionate about writing, couldn’t live without writing, has trouble producing new material without the stress and deadlines of creative writing in Uni life.

I sometimes say that my inspiration comes in waves…

But really, Inspiration is an ocean, and sometimes when the sea is completely calm, you have to stir up the water yourself to bring the waves.

I’ve been inspired by my friend Christopher, a fellow UBC crwr grad and his new project (which you should all check out: http://thedailybetter.com/) So I, too, am making deadlines for myself, and letting the world know so you can all hold me to the deadlines.

Every Monday for the next year (AT LEAST) I will be writing a blog post.  It may be frilly and flowery with sparkles and metaphors, carefully crafted all week long, or it may be chewed up quickly and spat out, a little like this one. The one thing I can promise is that it will have have a strict format. I’ve always like blog posts that are like diary entries for all the world to see, so every “Monday Musings” blog post I will write will start with Dear Blogosphere, and end with my name.      

Everything that comes between, will just be me and my musings.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, xo,

Heidi J. Loos


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