Let Your Inner Child PLAY!

This Monday I have one word for you and one word only (well, almost) that word is… Moomba!!!!

I spent all weekend in plus 35 degrees watching water sports and live music and playing carnival games along the Yarra River and I did very little damage to my bank account in the process!

If you are scratching your head right now, you have probably never heard of Moomba, so check it out! It is Melbourne’s FREE festival! Jam packed with activities for the whole family! My main expenses were buying bottled water (SLAP on both wrists…I know I know. But I’m just a little Canadian and it was plus 35 and I wasn’t perpared!!!), and it costs $3.50 or even $4.50 for 600ML bottles. GASP! and my other huge expense was trying to win an enormous stuffed monkey with googly eyes… oh sweet con-artists at carnivals! How much will you charge me for the monkey? Everything in my wallet? Nah not good enough. Everything I own? My shoes, my socks, my underwear too? Is it worth it? Of course not! But in the moment, the giant stuffed monkey is the missing link in my life!

I didn’t win it.

But, I did win a tiny stuffed Huskey and a blue stuffed die and a reeeeeally cute stuffed penguin with giant purple eyes!!!



I spent an hour playing dress up with my penguin, trying to see how many outfits I could make out of what I had- my jewelery, my key chain, my own clothing, and I did surprisingly well, 5 different looks for my little penguin, and then I spent another hour trying to decide what to name it- Penelope.

I was channeling my inner child, okay?! Which has never been that hard for me…. it is probably more difficult to let the ‘adult’ have the steering wheel back, “I don’t want to go yet, I want to stay at Moomba FOREVER!”

But anyway…if you are smart enough to pack your own water, snacks, and can manage to avoid being suckered in by shiny, fluffy, cute, colourful things… you can probably have an epic weekend entirely free!

Free fun? in Australia?! NOOOOOOO WAY!

Honestly, I had no idea such a thing could exist. It is a rare find indeed. Especially since everything else costs TWICE as much, or more here (than in Canada). But if you do end up in Melbourne and can make it to Moomba, be sure to go on the day where everyone is testing out their home-made flying devices! People with feathery contraptions running and jumping off a plank and faceplanting into brown murky water all on their on accord is very amusing.

And a grown woman playing with a stuffed penguin, who knows, maybe that’s just one of the many perks you will stumble upon at MOOMBA! Maybe next time, it will be you! 😉

With love from,

Heidi J. Loos

(& Penolope!)







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