Always Forward, Never Straight!

Awhile back, one of my straight friends asked me why me and my ‘gay’ friends have to be soo gay all the time? Like, can’t we just tone down the gay a little bit, because it’s just sexuality right? It’s not everything!


Have you ever noticed how effing STRAIGHT the world is? Or pretends to be…

Movies, books, television, advertisements, art, schools, universities, bars, restaurants, governments, families, jobs!

Seriously, heterosexuality is EVERYWHERE.

And it is most certainly in every conversation you have with your heterosexual friends and most likely with your non-hetero ones too, but have I ever asked you to be less straight?!

(Okay so maybe I’ve hoped it, but I never said it aloud!)

Today another person asked me what my boyfriend does, and I really didn’t want to come out, but I didn’t want to lie either… I hate coming out to people before they know me because instead of getting to know me for me, for quirky, crazy, artist, writer, fiddler, Yukoner, sugar glider and monkey lover, tortelini-addict whatever- Heidi. They see nameless lesbian, weirdo, ***different*** to themself. The conversation stops here.

Simple questions, simple questions that you cisgendered heterosexuals don’t even have to think about. Don’t have to feel anxiety, nausea, guilt, and worry that if you answer honestly the person asking the question is going to think different of you, think less of you-


Sometimes I just want to escape to a Queer Utopia where eveyone can love who they want to and nobody needs to come out because nobody assumes anything- nobody is too gay or too straight, because everyone is just happily QUEER! with lots of unicorns and rainbows, obviously.

But luckily, I found the next best thing-


an environment where I feel safe, respected, home. A place where I can celebrate queer art and queer culture with fellow queers and allies, and watch queer FILMS!!! OMG!

The 23rd Melbourne Queer Film Festival

WHAT A FANTASTIC LINE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is where I’ll be all week long ❤ ❤ ❤

Always Forward, Never Straight!





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