Tripping Down Memory Lane

So maybe it wasn’t entirely true when I said I never look back…

But perhaps feeling nostalgic about the past isn’t unhealthy or useless, maybe it can be productive! If we direct that energy towards something awesome, utilize it to create art, music, scrapbooks, poetry..

Maybe some people from your past need to be stitched into your present, re-beaded into your future. Afterall, there was a reason your paths crossed in the first place… (I like to think so anyway!) Of course, some ghosts need to be released forever, deadwood cut from the tree in oder for you to bloom anew, but some spirits are waiting around in the corners of your mind, in your memories, waiting for that second chance, the afterlife, the rekindling of old friendships.

So to all the people I used to know. This is for you.


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