Departure Time

In just five days my trip to Australia will be transformed into a blur of memories, a tie-dyed shirt with a couple of koalas and a kangaroo; a shitload of photos I’ll scroll through on Facebook from time to time and feel nostalgic… or relieved… or possibly confused? Fragmented thoughts: words exchanged, receipts, pay cheques, and Australian dollar bills, a scrapbook in my mind of all the magical places, and faces, and moments that changed me, forever.

And to think, I only came here because I didn’t know what else to do. I finished my Bachelor’s and thought, oh shit, this is where my plans end, like a sentence with no punctuation just hanging there waiting, stressing, hoping, hoping, hoping, wanting, waiting, for an answer, an instruction manual for how to live in the “real world”. It’s not like I expected to get a job right away with a Creative Writing degree, I mean, I may be  a dreamer and totally delusional at times but I’m not that unrealistic. So anyway, travelling seemed like the best option. Flying away from the mother bird, nesting in a new territory… eating [tequila] worms, experiencing life somewhere else. They say that “Life Experience” gives you wisdom and credibility, I don’t know about those things, but it definitely gives you more things to write about!

So I came to a place that I could speak the language and get a work visa. My goals were minimal: live, learn, see, work, and don’t run out of money!!! With two hundred dollars in my Australian bank account, a roof over my head, and sixteen meals give or take until I board the plane back to Canada, I think my trip has been a success 🙂 It has definitely been an exciting year with lots of ups and downs and sweat and tears, and I’ve learned A LOT about myself, and about Australia. Well, okay, not a lot about Australia, I mean, if you asked me to play the Australian version of Trivial Pursuit I would have to decline or spend hours living in silent agony… God, I HATE losing.

I definitely had a vision of Australia and its citizens before I arrived, and although some of what I imagined had its similarities in real life, most of it was pure fantastical fiction. Now, eight months later, the non-fiction I’ve discovered in every step, sip, bite, and pattern on every seashell will translate well into the realistic fiction I plan to write.

And who knows, maybe one of the characters in my novel will resemble a genuine Australian bogan.

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

From bustling Sydney to laid-back Brissy, the discovery of douchey Surfer’s, magical Noosa, and beautiful Byron Bay, all of my wonderful adventures in Artsy Fartsy Melbourne, and back again to where it all began…

Sydney Kingsford (SYD) to Vancouver (YVR)

Departing May 12, 2013 at 10:25


Thanks for everything, Australia, it’s been fun!


Heidi J. Loos

P.S. I’m coming home!

P.S.S. I’M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S.S. TELL THE WORLD I’M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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