Phone Rage!!!!

This is my phone:

ImageCute, right?


…The cover is deceiving!

Well, maybe I am just technologically challenged, but ever since I got a smartphone it has been nothing pain and frustrations.

I miss my old flippidy flip phone. RIP.

Okay, so it is not the phone’s fault. It is the company. I am so freaking sick of Bell right now!! (prepare yourself for some serious VENTING)

I just got off the phone with yet ANOTHER Bell representative that was completely useless and condescending, telling me different information than the representative before them and the one in the store whom I ‘visited’ with today, and, oh yeah, also the one I talked to earlier this the afternoon regarding my FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR PHONE BILL.

Um, Yeah.


I feel like the whole company is a scam and they train their staff to be con artists. They’ll sucker you into signing your life away. That’s not red pen, you know! They want your contract signed in BLOOD. They want your soul. They’ll take your house, your meals, your bath water, all your money.

You don’t get to sleep on a bed tonight, get on the floor, you owe us money.

You don’t get to eat organic cereal for breakfast, you owe us $400, bitch, start paying.

I feel like Bell is this abusive and manipulative bastard that I accidently trusted and then married, and now I seriously want a divorce! But, guess what, that’ll cost me!!

It all started because they offered me a brand new free Sony Xperia, free, if I signed a two year contract, so I did. And I got insurance for my brand new Xperia smartphone. But then a most unpredictable and unfortunate thing happened, my brand new Xperia took a plunge and smashed into a million pieces. So not durable. It fell out of my locker at the gym. The screen immediately became a spider web of glass spindles. Giving me little glass splinters in my fingers and in my cheek and ear.

When I took it into Bell, they said, insurance? Well it doesn’t do anything for you yet because you’ve only paid into it once. It will cost you $150 dollars to fix this phone, never mind that this particular phone is just barely worth that much brand new…

um no thanks?

So I bought an old iphone off a friend for fifty bucks. (yay & thanks)

Just as I started bonding with my new little smartphone, I received my phone bill.


SAY WHAT!!!!???!!!

I started freeeeaking out. My initial thought was that I hadn’t figured out how to turn off the data properly and had been charged near fifty dollars a day since I got my new phone. But when I went in today they said no, the data is fine, you just went over your minutes.

Here’s the thing you have to understand, when I signed this contract with Bell, they promised me FREE Canada to Canada long distance unlimited, anytime.

And since I was away for a year in Australia where I wasn’t able to talk to my family much except for the odd Skype conversation at odd hours because of the time difference, I have been taking advantage of being back in Canada with Bell’s “free” “unlimited” Canada to Canada long distance! WOOT WOOT

My family lives in the Yukon, and my Mom and I, well, we have been having some genuine mommy-daughter bonding phone chats the last month, almost an hour a day, Canada to Canada anytime, they say.

Mother-daughter bonding time= priceless.


WRONG, it = $400, thanks BELL.

Apparently I only have unlimited minutes after 5.

Everything they told me was a lie.

They said 300 minutes for local minutes is what I could use, and that calling the Yukon or other places in Canada, or receiving long distance Canada to Canada calls would NOT be included in those 300 minutes, but then, guess what? SURPRISE! They were.

And when I confront them on their lies, they try to tell me it is all my fault.

Why do you talk on the phone so much, hmm, hmm?

Do you have mommy issues?

Fuck you Bell! I am going to call my mom and bitch about you because guess what, it is AFTER 5!


xxx HJL


1 thought on “Phone Rage!!!!

  1. So, I think perhaps someone from Bell read my angry little blog because they called me the next day and apologized and took two hundred more dollars off my bill. LOL sometimes ranting pays off.

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