Out N’ PROUD in Vancouver

Happy Pride Vancouver!!!!!!!
And Wow.
What a crazy-fabulous weekend!
Actually, this whole month has been crazy-fabulous and queerTASTIC here in vancity! I have just failed to blog about any of it! Sorry folks. I have been totally slacking on the blogfront, and I have missed FOUR Mondays in a row! I’ll do better from now on. Back to the weekly, I promise! Unless I have a reeeally good excuse like I go camping and decide to put jam on my finger for a bear to lick off but then good ol’ Mrs. Grizzly Bear eats my hand by mistake and I can no longer type- but then again, I am not an oblivious tourist looking to frolic with some cubs in the Great White North, so that is unlikely to happen. But the camping part, camping is one of my ultimate favourite summer activities (typical Canadian right?) pffff! whatever, going camping is always a good excuse.

“I was going to go work but then I [went camping], I just got a new promotion but I [went camping], now I’m [blogging about going camping] and I don’t know why!”

so anyway if I go camping, I’ll be dead to the (online)world, but when I come out alive on the other side, I’ll blog about it 😉

But back to the amazingness of this weekend: maybe you remember back in February when I wrote a little post about my big gay weekend in Melbourne, and I talked about how the city captured my heart with it’s beauty and queer-friendliness.
Well, this weekend in Van was like that, X 1 Million.

Don’t get me wrong I adored my time in Melbourne and think it is definitely the heart of Australia and the most gay-friendly city I lived in outside Canada, but nothing can compare to Vancouver and Vancouver Pride! This weekend (and this month) reminded why I believe Vancouver is the best city in the world ESPECIALLY if you are a little ‘different’ and/or a little queer!
Have you seen this? Vancouver Awesomeness


My favourite crosswalk ever, obviously.

But you know what? I loved rainbows even before rainbows were gay!!!!

Jk, I wasn’t even alive then. The rainbow flag has been a symbol for the LGBT community since 1978! But, I did love rainbows before I knew they symbolized anything, and when I found out rainbows represented queerness (aka MY PEOPLE!), I finally knew what it felt like to belong.
Honestly who doesn’t love rainbows? I try to wear as many colours as I can everyday, my goal In life is pretty much to be a walking, talking rainbow, and eventually I’ll make it to the pot of gold! 😉 (Not actual money f course! I’m an artist! and Money don’t buy no happiness! … right? right?!) It’s all about love!

Speaking of love, don’t you LOVE this song? Same Love- by Macklemore

Everytime I hear it on the radio it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside…

But yeah, it was a colourful weekend, with rainbows on sidewalks and rainbows on faces and rainbow flags flapping on floats for three hours on a sunny gay Sunday afternoon. The parade lasted FOREVER! And there were SO many people everywhere, celebrating, supporting, dancing, hugging, kissing, loving, marching, making miracles happen.

It is true that most of the parade is just about marketing, and more and more businesses are ‘supporting’ our community if only for one day so that they can advertise to a group of people who will buy stuff from them… yeah okay, flaw noticed, but in my opinion, kind of unavoidable in a capitalist society.

I love the pride parade. I love seeing everyone in costumes dancing and showing off their queerness (whatever that may look like)!
The parade was awesome, the parties all weekend were sensational!

But it wasn’t just this weekend that was jam-packed with awesome queer stuff. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some of Vancouver’s Queer Arts festival and review a couple of the events for Vancouver Weekly 🙂
I wish I could have gone to every single event, but the ones I did get to were absolutely brilliant.
The queer arts festival wraps up in three days, but guess what is up next in queer-positive Vancouver?

See you there?

Cause right now I need to catch up on some much needed sleep after this crazy party weekend.

Love y’all!


Peace, love & PRIDE

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