Busy Busy like a BEE


So this will be quick, because I am a little stress case buzzing around!


AKA I just moved into a new house! And there is so much to organize, and decorate and buy! urrrgh, sorry wallet, you might feel pretty empty for awhile. 

Our brand new west end apartment is pretty damn cute, adorable, itty bitty, all those things you call very SMALL things, but yes, sooo cute, and homey! (well getting there) It kind of looks like a Heidi closet tornado happened, but um, missed the closet? Working on that… 😛

But of course there are so many cool things to do and REVIEW here in Vancouver, so sometimes priority calls. Firstly, I will be doing an article on this play for the Fringe Festival!! So stay posted for that- I get to go watch their dress rehearsal tonight- opening night isn’t until Thursday!

And I hope to check out a bunch of other plays at the Vancouver Fringe Festival over the next couple of weeks too! Check out the line up this year. Get your tickets while you can. And let’s go watch people transform into LESBIANS and trolls right before our eyes (and other beings too!)

Oh live theatre actors, you amaze me…

and make me want to role play… in the bedroom.

But then again, it’s just too messy for that right now!   





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