“Oo Oo Ee Ee”


Two drunken monkeys

in our rainbow jungle

you force me to eat bananas because they’re healthy

I eat them because what kind of monkey would I be if I didn’t like bananas, right?

(But I don’t, really…)

They’re too squishy… and phallic.

But I would gladly pick bugs out of your fur

if you had any.

I would groom you all over,

even if you had the unfortunate disposition of a baboon’s backside.

(It’s okay if that doesn’t make sense to you.)

But NO ONE belongs in a zoo.

I would swing from the vines to save you from the lions, the cougars,

and the hyenas… those beautiful, vicious, bitches.

I would, and I will.

But for now, I will sit and wait, keep watch from my tree top, ten storeys high

Head in the clouds, in the rainbows, in my jungle

waiting for my monkey

to return safely home. 





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