Vancouver IS Paradise

I am not biased… I didn’t even grow up here. 😛

But my oh my, I love this city. I’ve said it before, but there is so much to do, especially if you are a literary, art, or film lover! And if you like green things, like trees, and grass. And even more so if you enjoy getting wet…

Cause guess what?

Rain season is HERE!


Sunday morning I walked up Robson in the pouring rain and was surprised how dead it was everywhere. The usual hustle and bustle had died down to a dull drizzle, but the rain was pounding the pavement, and had scared everyone away! Which is kind of funny because you’d think Vancouverites would be excited to have their oldest bestest friend back, the one constant you can always count on to wash away your worries, pat you on the back, and make everything smell so mmmm fresh! Or at the very least, the one and only that forces you to get a really awesome, stylish umbrella (if you are an umbrella person, that is, me on the other hand, I prefer to embrace the drowned rat look and rock it all winter long!) but it doesn’t hurt anyone to invest in some sexy rain boots because come on, everyone looks damn fine in a pair of colourful high top gumboots!!


I am being serious you know!!! And I am not being gender specific. Guys, don’t be shy, you deserve funky gumboots too.

Okay, so maybe not everyone is as optimistic about the rainy season as me. But you don’t have to be outside to have a good time in Vancouver. Take a look at what is coming up in the next couple weeks.

Word Vancouver – a literary festival previously known as word on the street- the same awesome festival with a snazzy new name! Goes all weekend long 🙂 AND ALL THE EVENTS ARE FREEEEE! No fine print, hidden costs or reading between the lines, it is free, my friend,  Check it out.

And starting on September 26 the Vancouver International Film Festival which runs all the way until October 11th! Amazing films of all genres from all over the world! There are A TON of options, so if you share any of my indecisive tendencies you better schedule in a good chunk of time in the next couple of days to scroll through all of your options, and research,  and invite your friends to join you for some of your film watching endeavours.

Or go alone because there is nothing wrong with going to the movies alone! Take yourself on a movie date, or even a trip, here, to VANCOUVER!

Because this place truly is…


Now who wants to go out and splash around in the puddles with me?

Cause life is too short to grow up and be boring 😉



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