Step by step: word by word


Some days trying to be a writer is exhausting. Volunteering so much time, writing for free, trying to get recognized, appreciated, maybe even paid. You get bummed out because you’re broke and nothing is paying off, but you don’t stop writing because you love it. You can’t imagine doing anything else, being anything else. So you keep plunking away on the keyboard, you submit a hundred stories and get a hundred rejection letters. You apply for as many writing jobs as you can find but everyone tells you, ‘you don’t have enough experience’ even though you’re writing up a storm trying to get this so-called experience… and each step feels like it’s not taking you anywhere… but it is… and all the sudden BAM, you realize you’ve arrived somewhere you weren’t before.

You’ve improved. You’ve been noticed. You’e been read.


Today has been a good day for me and my writing!

I’ve had the most spectacular Monday filled with woohoo’s and YAYS and exciting news all around. I got confirmation I will be attending and reviewing three events for the Vancouver Writers festival, including Beyond Queer where I will get to interview an amazing local author whom I adore: Amber Dawn!!!

Next, I got offered a part time job as  a technical writer/blogger that actually PAYS. It will be tricky, and maybe a little out of my comfort zone, but I am so excited to take on the challenge and learn new techniqes!

And then to top it all off, just hours ago, I was approved to review P!NK at Rogers Arena TONIGHT!!!! She is my favourite artist of all time, and I am so ecstatic that I get to go to her show and then write all about it for Vancouver Weekly!

So be sure to come back and check out my review later this week!

Thanks for your support y’all. ❤

And to all my fellow writers and aspiring writers- don’t stop writing, with every word you write you’re getting somewhere!!!! even when it doesn’t feel like it!


Heidi J. Loos


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