Le Ciel de Fromage


I feel the steam on my face

Like a lovers breath in winter

Thick with wine and stringy with Swiss

I dive in head first

Plunge deep into the depths of Cheddar and Gouda

I do the backstroke in a pool filled with cheese

I dolphin through the thick, creamy abyss

Making waves in melted Gruyere

Creating ripples in the pot



Dipping, Dunking,

Dribbling cheese down my chin

Le ciel de fromage.

I swish, swish, swish,


and bite, into heavan.

My body is transformed

My mind, reborn

I emerge

Sopping wet, sticky, and warm

Smelling of Sauvignon Blanc and a Dairy farm

I remember that as a kid I used to say: I’d like to be baptized in milk

But that was before I decided to boycott religion

and before

I discovered cheese fondue.


xx HJL


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