What is ‘fear paralysis’?

People always say there are two responses to fear and they are fight or flight, but that has never been the case for me.

When I am really terrified, I FREEZE.

And it’s always been this way.

But over the years I’ve chatted with many other trauma and sexual assault survivors and they have experienced this instinct/response of freezing too: fear paralysis.

My short script “PRESSING CHARGES” aims to create awareness and destigmatize fear paralysis.

Not everyone is hardwired to run, or fight. Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, you still freeze, BUT IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, and the world needs to stop making us feel like it is.

Pressing Charges


Register as a community voter, (anyone can vote, just select your voting location as Vancouver) after you put in your email address you will receive a confirmation email with a link, click on the link and VOILA, VOTE for PRESSING CHARGES! X5 Help me show the world what it is like to experience fear paralysis and have everyone tell you its your fault. Help me fight against rape culture and victim blaming! Help me make a difference through ART!

Love love love, and gratitude,

Heidi J. Loos

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