Film Content for CBC

Awhile back in December I decided to pitch some ideas to the producers of CBC’s show Exhibitionists… and they really liked some of my ideas! So I got a contract to do two short videos for them and the first one is about our hometown heroes the Yukon’s one and only Bboy crew Groundwork Sessions (GWS) and it’s all finished and now up on CBC’s website 🙂 Check it out!


Yukon breakdancing group takes on the world

It will also be aired on CBC television on Sunday, February 21, 2016 as part of Exhibitionists season 1 episode 17.

It was such an amazing learning opportunity working with the show’s producers on this! And of course I couldn’t have asked for better subjects for my first piece, I grew up with these guys- they’re like my bros ❤ & they were all super patient and understanding while I fiddled around with my brand new camera in the -30 weather trying to figure out white balance and audio and all that jazz >.< LOL we totally froze our butts off getting those outdoor shots! I’m so gad it all worked out!

Thanks for watching. 🙂




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