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Keish Youth Award Video

Check out this video we made last week about Doronn Fox, the 2016 Keish Youth Award winner!

It was a little rushed because we had to film and edit it all in under 24 hrs, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out… and Doronn liked it, so that’s the most important part 🙂

Have I mentioned, the best part about living back in the Yukon is that everyone talks to each other and recommends each other- so ppl have been spreading the word about us up and coming filmmakers to their friends, colleagues and other local businesses and organizations!  The contracts keep rollin’ in and I’m so grateful to be learning and creating within such a beautiful, supportive community.


Lipstick & Long Johns

WATCH MY FRIEND NINA’s TEASER! (and see me acting as hipster Jade)

If you follow me on Twitter or FB you may have seen just over a month ago when my friend Nina and I were tweeting a lot about developing & pitching our digital series and getting people to vote between the two titles: Long Johns and Lingere and Lipstick and Long Johns, and the latter was the winner. So you may be wondering how it went from being our project to her project- let me explain.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.33.23 PM

We spent four months working on developing the digital series bible together, flushing out the world, the characters and their backstories but we started running into some serious problems when we started trying to do the actual writing- see, she didn’t like anything I wrote and I didn’t like what she wrote! We both have very different voices, and we write & make films for different reasons. Some of the things Nina finds funny, I find offensive, and some of the story lines I’d like to see, she just didn’t like. And we come from different places-she’s studied acting and yoga and I’ve studied women’s studies and creative writing. Her acting background makes her a wonderful director and she gives really insightful feedback and is able to pull passion and emotion out of her actors with ease. I really value and respect her unique talents and creativity, but I think my women’s studies background has made me overly critical of mainstream comedy and female representation. Also I’m queer and she’s not.  I always want to make sure to have some queer characters and try my best to make sure any/all queer representation are progressive and break down stereotypes- but this isn’t really a focal concern for her.

Creative collaboration is haaarrd at the best of times, and someone always has to have creative control. The problem is, we’re both leaders, and neither one of us wanted to be the sidekick. We were also both concerned about having our names on something that didn’t feel true to us and who we are/want to be as creators and filmmakers. We’ve been friends for a long ass time and I didn’t want this one project to get in the way of our friendship, so i decided to back out, and focus on my own solo projects instead.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.34.27 PMHowever, I still fully support the project and Nina’s endeavours to bring an original Yukon women’s-centric comedy to life!  Because – duh-that’d be sweet! Not to mention, I love her to death and want her to succeed in everything she pursues!

So go get ’em girl!

and when she gets the funding to produce the series- I WILL be auditioning for the role of Jade. –>

So yeah, that’s the scoop! Watch the teaser and like it and share it and stuff. ❤


Heidi J. Loos

Film Content for CBC

Awhile back in December I decided to pitch some ideas to the producers of CBC’s show Exhibitionists… and they really liked some of my ideas! So I got a contract to do two short videos for them and the first one is about our hometown heroes the Yukon’s one and only Bboy crew Groundwork Sessions (GWS) and it’s all finished and now up on CBC’s website 🙂 Check it out!


Yukon breakdancing group takes on the world

It will also be aired on CBC television on Sunday, February 21, 2016 as part of Exhibitionists season 1 episode 17.

It was such an amazing learning opportunity working with the show’s producers on this! And of course I couldn’t have asked for better subjects for my first piece, I grew up with these guys- they’re like my bros ❤ & they were all super patient and understanding while I fiddled around with my brand new camera in the -30 weather trying to figure out white balance and audio and all that jazz >.< LOL we totally froze our butts off getting those outdoor shots! I’m so gad it all worked out!

Thanks for watching. 🙂



Yukon Youth Vote Pt 4

My favourite in the series so far…

We’ll be interviewing young folks for a couple more weeks and releasing two more videos before the federal election on October 19, 2015! So if you know anyone in the Yukon who may want to participate- get them to email me!

What is it that YOU care about?!

Don’t forget to register to VOTE. Your voice matters, and your vote could make a difference.



Yukon Youth Vote Pt 1

The last week and a bit I’ve been busy interviewing young people in the Yukon about the upcoming federal election (and the Whitehorse municipal election) both happening in October. This is the first video in our series aimed to engage more young ppl in Canadian politics and get more youth out to the polls! 🙂

Check back next week for part 2!