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Burning Away the Winter Blues 2015

yet web (1)Recently, I scored a cool marketing & production assistant contract with a local non profit, Yukon Educational Theatre Society!

(Known around these parts as YET). So I decided to do a little interview with the Artistic Director, Geneviève Gagnon, and I threw together a short youtube video about their upcoming event!

Check it out!

And if you are in Whitehorse next Saturday (March 21) come out and Burn Away Your Winter Blues with us!!!




Reel Youth Videos

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in one of Reel Youth’s programs this summer: the Youth and Senior’s film program put on in partnership with the Gordon Neighbourhood House. Not only did I get to meet a whole bunch of really inspiring ppl (seniors and youngsters alike), I also got to collaborate with one of my oldest and dearest friends to make two short docs!

Check out what Nina Reed and I created with the support of the Reel Youth facilitators and our spunky senior partners, Geraldine Horseman & the one and only, HENRI!

Participating in this program and getting to know these two interesting and charismatic individuals was really eye opening and heart warming! Age is really just a number.


Heidi J. Loos



Pressing Charges


I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been busy working on something reeeeally close to my heart- an application/video pitch for STORYHIVE.

I’ve applied to get a $10,000 production grant to make my short film, and I need your help!!

Essentially, it is a story about how trauma and sexual assault can have a lasting effect on the mind and the body. The script aims to create awareness and also fight against rape culture and victim blaming. Even though it is fiction, the script draws a lot from my own personal experiences.

My video pitch has been approved by Telus for the Storyhive short film competition here in Vancouver, and if it receives enough VOTES online I will be able to claim one of ten Storyhive production grants.

All you have to do is register as a community voter and vote for my project “PRESSING CHARGES”

Click the link ABOVE to watch my video pitch, and read my project details (logline, synopsis, etc.) if you like what you see: VOTE!! (X5)

Anyone can sign up as a community voter, you do not have to be from, or living in Vancouver.

Just select your voting location as ‘Vancouver’ and vote for my project “PRESSING CHARGES”

You will have ten votes to distribute to all of your favourite projects, but you can vote up to five times on any one project SO PLEASE VOTE FOR MINE MULTIPLE TIMES!!

Then please, PLEASE share this link on your blogs,  Facebook, Twitter, and with your friends, family, and social networks to help me get more votes!

Your help and support means the world to me!!!


Heidi J. Loos



Inspiration from the Uninspired

I finally made another video… it’s been awhile!! But hence the title I’ve been a little uninspired as of late and suffering from my annual case of seasonal depression, blah. Well, it wasn’t so bad last January when I was living in AUSTRALIA! Haha, but I’m pumping myself with vitamin D, and starting to see the light, making this video helped!
I recently got final cut pro X so I am going to be making lots of short videos in the coming days. 🙂 subscribe to my channel if you like what you see!

Tripping Down Memory Lane

So maybe it wasn’t entirely true when I said I never look back…

But perhaps feeling nostalgic about the past isn’t unhealthy or useless, maybe it can be productive! If we direct that energy towards something awesome, utilize it to create art, music, scrapbooks, poetry..

Maybe some people from your past need to be stitched into your present, re-beaded into your future. Afterall, there was a reason your paths crossed in the first place… (I like to think so anyway!) Of course, some ghosts need to be released forever, deadwood cut from the tree in oder for you to bloom anew, but some spirits are waiting around in the corners of your mind, in your memories, waiting for that second chance, the afterlife, the rekindling of old friendships.

So to all the people I used to know. This is for you.


Police Brutality

I saw this footage today: Sydney Mardi Gras 2013: Police Brutality

I was so disgusted and upset by it I had to write about it. And I thought, what better form than SLAM to let out some steam! And give the world a piece of my mind.

I am also going to commit to uploading more youtube videos… I am going to make spoken word videos every Wednesday and fiddling videos on Fridays! Please subscribe to my youtube channel, like, share and comment!! I appreciate your support!

If you want to read more about the police brutality incident at mardi gras and what is happening now check out this Article

xo, HJL