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Chalk with Me goes to Victoria!

Chalk with Me goes to Victoria!

Participated in my first ever CHALK ART FESTIVAL this weekend!!!! It was such a blast. Seeing everyone’s amazing art come to life over two days was absolutely incredible and inspiring! Not to mention we got to keep a bunch of good quality chalk pastels. Chalking has become one of my favourite hobbies as of late, and I am going to be doing A LOT more of it in the days to¬†come! Here’s a picture of Shiphrah and I, with our chalkwork ūüôā




Chalking up a storm!

chalk¬†¬† I have some exciting news! Another reason I have been slacking on the blog front over the last month is because I’ve been up to my ears in CHALK. My friend Shiphrah and I have embarked on this¬†epic new project called Chalk With Me.


Take a look at our new website, and please, please, PLEASE do me a favour and take a few minutes to fill out our CWM Questionnaire!!! It would mean the world to us!

I am so happy to be working with¬†Shiphrah¬†on this. We worked together in 2012 as co-editors-in-chief of Ignite and we just worked¬†SO WELL¬†together. You know those people that¬†really respect what you have to say, and that you really want¬†to hear what they have to say too,¬†like all the time because they are just so¬†AWESOME and have awesome,¬†interesting things to say?! Well, that’s how I feel about Shiphrah.

We totally had one of those strictly business type relationships before. I mean, she was one of the people I saw most in my last year of University because I was always so busy with reading and writing and editing and cramming and pulling all nighters! But Shiphrah and I had meetings 4 or 5 times per week, and honestly, we never really talked about much outside of our Ignite mandate, Ignite duties, planning and editing.

But when I came back from Australia after a year away, she was one of the first people I wanted to see! I missed her kind, warm presence, her phenomenal organizational skills, and her overflowing ambition. So I was like, here’s the thing, Shiphrah Deane,¬†collaborating on something with you would make my life COMPLETE.¬†So we came up with the idea for Chalk With Me¬†about a month and a half ago and it¬†has¬†just been¬†sprouting up faster and faster in all directions- and in all colours ūüėČ ever since!

I love the feeling of collaborating with someone and buzzing from shared ambition and enthusiasm for a project. We have this shared vision that keeps getting clearer and brighter with every meeting.

And¬†guess what? We’re actually getting to know each other better this time around! But of course, it is¬†always WORK first, and¬†play later.¬†That’s just how we role!!!

But work is A LOT more fun when it involves CHALK! Just sayin’

Talk and chalk, chalk and talk, talk, talk, chalk, chalk, chalk…

More updates soon ūüôā xox