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Yukon Youth Vote Pt 6

The series is done!!! Please watch & share 🙂

What a fabulous project this has been- thank-you SO MUCH to everyone who contributed ❤

Happy Voting, friends!



Yukon Youth Vote Pt 4

My favourite in the series so far…

We’ll be interviewing young folks for a couple more weeks and releasing two more videos before the federal election on October 19, 2015! So if you know anyone in the Yukon who may want to participate- get them to email me! heidijloos@gmail.com

What is it that YOU care about?!

Don’t forget to register to VOTE. Your voice matters, and your vote could make a difference.



Yukon Youth Vote Pt 1

The last week and a bit I’ve been busy interviewing young people in the Yukon about the upcoming federal election (and the Whitehorse municipal election) both happening in October. This is the first video in our series aimed to engage more young ppl in Canadian politics and get more youth out to the polls! 🙂

Check back next week for part 2!