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Not Fun-Knee!

I had my surgery consultation today and unfortunately my knee is even more screwed up than my doctor thought. I found out last week that the MRI showed a complete ACL tear, but the surgeon says there is more to it than that. I also have damage to my outer ligament and scuffing on the bone so he cannot do the ACL repair surgery here as my kneeds are too great! >.< Additional repairs must be done at the same time making the surgery a lot more complicated than they initially thought. Now I have been put on another wait list to get a consultation with a sports medicine surgeon who works out of UBC.

Keep your fingers crossed for me… I need my knee for roller derby! (among other things…)


But seriously joining roller derby is hands down one of the best things I have done this past year. It was on my bucketlist even before I moved to Australia in 2012 and I am so happy I finally joined. The Yukon Roller Girls has been the most wonderful, welcoming and supportive league to do my fresh meat training, min skills test, and play in my first bout. I absolutely love the sport, the competitiveness it brings out of me, and the extended derby community. I just hate not being able to play. I was heartbroken to sit out the 1st YRG home bout in over 3 years, but glad I could at least film it.

I knew my knee was really messed up when I first injured it in June- and by the way: I DID NOT injure it during derby, it was during SOCCERkneeinjury

and FYI soccer and basketball are known to injure way more knees than roller derby ever will, so don’t believe what your mama tells you when she says roller derby is far too dangerous… Derby is good for the soul! Anyway I did everything the physiotherapist said to do and was off skates for three months. But when I was still experiencing weakness and pain all the way up my leg I decided to listen to my body for once and go back to the Doc.

The resident doctor I went to basically told me to suck it up and that there was nothing wrong. He said I didn’t need an MRI, so I had to get my physiotherapist to write a letter recommending the doctor to refer me for imaging. Thankfully that worked, but it was kind of annoying to say the least. I have had a few really frustrating experiences with doctors and I find they never really listen to me. Maybe because so many people use Dr. Google and are hypochondriacs, but I really think as patients we do know our bodies best so what we have to say about it shouldn’t just be dismissed. I actually have a really high pain tolerance (I think). Anyway for the last two months I have been going to the gym or swimming every single morning, and for the last month I’ve been back at derby. However, since the MRI results last week the Doctor has urged me to stop doing any contact until I get my custom knee brace ordered. If I do further damage to the other ligaments now my knee may not be fixable with surgery.

I get to order my custom knee brace tomorrow which will cost me $1,350 :O and if I can’t get in to see the specialist at UBC (which would only be partially covered by medical) my other option is the Cambie clinic in Vancouver but knee surgery there will likely cost me about $10,000.

So do me a favour, and if you have two good knees don’t take those little buggers forgranted.


Love & Gratitude,

Heidi J. Loos

aka Raging Radish