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Job Hunting with a Creative Writing Degree

Let’s be honest, it sucks.IMG_3015

I’m taking a 5 minute break from writing cover letters to write this.

It just sucks to be in that in between stage where you have a degree, but you don’t have a career. Then again a creative writing degree may not ever get you a career per say. Okay I’ll be more optimistic, it may, (I’ve seen it happen for some of the lucky ones) but also it may not. You may have to settle for a career completely out of your field and write on the side. But how much of your time will be spent doing that something else, something that you hate, or at the very best you can tolerate for a pay cheque. Will it suck up all your time and energy and leave an empty, uninspired shell with no drive or inspiration left write anything?

I really don’t want that.

But I also don’t want the judgement that comes with being jobless for too long, even if I am writing lots, and its exciting, and I’m feeling rejuvenated and ambitious and inspired to write more. The thing is, with the stuff I’m writing now: poetry, prose, scripts, blog posts there’s no guarantee of anything. There’s no guarantee anyone will even read it, let alone like it, and want to publish it or pay me for it.

So the job hunting continues.

It’s been a bit of a struggle so far. Since graduating from the UBC Creative Writing program in 2012, I haven’t stopped writing. But in the times where I’ve held jobs that I haven’t exactly loved, my writing seems to suffer, it even becomes a scarce occurrence, and the general quality just deteriorates- depression takes over.

The problem is, I have a dream. I dream of the perfect job. One that requires me to write, but not just anything, content I want to write, and it pays well.

Scrolling through the job postings, there is no such job. And in the postings, no body ever asks for a creative writing degree. The Requirements: Journalism degree, maybe, Marketing, Communications, yes, and English Degree, sometimes, but who doesn’t have a a degree in English in this day an age (well, me) but seriously it seems like every other person I meet has an BA in English. Are most of them working? Who knows. I don’t know these stats. It I did, perhaps I would have a degree in Statistics, and be employed, but then I’d most likely I’d be depressed.

Anyway, the hunt continues.

Wish me luck, I need it.