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National Poetry Month

I didn’t know April was National Poetry Month! Did you?!~


I just found out this morning 🙂 Thanks, social media.

Want to celebrate it with me and take on the 100 Haiku Challenge ?!

Coincidentally, last year on March 31, 2015 I decided to write 100 Haikus in 100 days. This year,  to celebrate National Poetry month I am going to do it again! Only this time I do not have 100 days, I have 30 (well actually 27 now because I’m 3 days late) to write 100 Haikus!

Some of them will likely suck- but others might just be dynamite- who knows- follow me on twitter to see the words unfold.

This might even become an annual April tradition.

#100Haikus #HaikuChallenge


Heidi J. Loos