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Gentle Goals for 2019

Wow, it’s been a year since I wrote anything on here. A lot can happen in 365 days; a lot can change. Last year on this day I was so full of hope and motivation; I’m trying to find that again, but 2018 took a lot out of me. Sometimes we just can’t plan for the storms that break in our lives. 2018 hit me like a tsunami; I wasn’t ready for it, I wasn’t expecting it, and now I just want to  pick up my broken pieces. I’ve been struggling more than I like to admit with heartbreak, with anxiety and depression. I’ve always loved planning for the future; I used to have a 5 year plan, 10 year even, I had my future all planned out: I thought my wife and I would buy our dream house on the East Coast and live in it and raise a family here. But I guess the universe had different plans for us. We separated this summer, and the past few months have been some of the loneliest and hardest of my life.

But I want to take a moment to reflect on the good things that happened in 2018, and list some of the things I achieved and/or am grateful for.

I found, bought and currently live in my dream home.

I hosted some great parties here.

My short film, Hands Don’t Lie played in film festivals in Canada, Grease and Croatia.

I filmed and edited a TV commercial that aired in Canada and in Europe. Also, I created tons of funny, silly, and cute social media videos for my work at ORB.

I played soooo much roller derby, I was on three different teams, (played 29 games and lots of scrimmages!) I got several MVP jammer awards, and I improved a lot.

My league even gave me “the Raddest” award which made me cry happy tears.

I made lots of new friends, and have been reaching out to them and asking for the support I need.

I feel very connected to my lovely supportive derby community.

I went for lots of beautiful walks and hikes with my dogs.

I didn’t give up even when I wanted to. I didn’t lose or quit my job. I didn’t lose my house.   I didn’t give up my life. I’m still here, I survived, and I’m proud of that.

So my 2019 goals are not grandiose. This year, they are simple, gentle goals, tiny intentions to help myself heal and grow.

2019 Planner

  1. I will give myself the kind of love and compassion I give to others
  2. I will ask for help when I need it
  3. I will get professional help to heal my body and my mind.
  4. I will swim in the ocean
  5. I will host more excellent parties
  6. I  will spend time doing the things I love. AKA hanging out with my dogs, dancing, cuddling, spending time in nature, spending time with people who make my heart happy, and sooo much roller derby!
  7. I will work towards my personal fitness goals
  8. I will create something beautiful.
  9. I will be gentle and patient with myself.

2019 is a year for ME, for healing, for selfcare and personal growth.









8 Intentions for 2018

26511174_10155970438740912_1949145620_oI realized the new years resolutions I make every year are more like intentions rather than resolutions because I’m not resolving to change anything. Resolutions sounds negative… I’m proud of everything i did last year! And excited about everything I will achive in 2018!!!! So here are my 8  Intentions for 2018.

1. Derby Derby Derby (This year- roller derby is my #1, so I’ve deemed 2018 the year of the rollerskates.)

2. Fitness & Weight Training- In 2017, I did well on and off with my body-building goals but this year I want to get a regular gym routine and stick to it for the WHOLE year. 🙂

3. Make at least one short film (Roller Derby love story perhaps?)

4.  Read More! (I have a great stack of books to get me started on this.)

5. Regular Date Nights ❤ I’m always so busy, but this year I want to make sure I make time for love, magic & romance!

6. Monthly Video Chats with Family – Staying connected has always been a challenge for me, but I really want to make a solid effort to chat with everyone regularly especially the niblings!

7.  Doggy Training Time. The little ones need to go to obedience school! Especially Scarlett since she’s in her peeing everywhere chewing-everything puppy phase! And Darla thinks she can get away with anything…

8. Purchase our First Home! We know we’re here in Nova Scotia to stay, so we’re looking for the perfect first house for us…  Fingers crossed we’ll find it and buy it sometime this year!

Good luck with all of your goals and dreams for 2018! And remember- 2018 is the YEAR OF THE ROLLERSKATES.






My 2017 Resolutions

So I’m a few days late with these, but here is what I hope to achieve this year! I have a REALLY good feeling about 2017… It’s going to be a BIG one for me. 😀

In 2017 will try my best to:

  1. 2017Treat my  body with kindness, patience and respect.
  2. Rehabilitate my knee- lots of gentle exercise & phsyio
  3. Make at least 3 short films
  4. Submit one or two of my short films to some film festivals
  5. Make 1 or 2 mini-documentaries
  6. Start planning/pre-production phase for my LGBT web series
  7. Get Married to my favourite human being on the planet! (date is set, venue is booked, it’s looking pretty damn likely, folks!) ❤
  8. Roadtrip to the East Coast
  9. EXPLORE all different towns and cities across Canada
  10. FILM our roadtrip to the East Coast
  11. Join a roller derby league in Halifax (or somewhere out east)
  12. Make some cool new friends
  13. Lots of creative collaboration***
  14. Get involved in the film scene on the East Coast
  15. Take a class or course in something that interests me
  16. Submit my writing to some literary journals & contests
  17. GET NEW PUPPY!!!! Because Darla needs a companion…

I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions, especially looking back at them at the end of the year and seeing what I hoped/expected for the year and what actually happened. For some reason I totally missed writing resolutions for 2016 but I definitely achieved A LOT, and I’m quite proud of my accomplishments this past year. But I know I am going to learn and grow and achieve even more this year with all the exciting changes that are coming my way.

I wish you all the best with your resolutions, dreams & goals!


Heidi J. Loos

15 Resolutions for 2015

Number 5 has always been my favourite number and naturally any number containing a five, or multiples of five, so I’m automatically inclined to think 2015 is going to be an amazing year!

It’s also the year of the sheep/goat in the Chinese Zodiac, which if you read these things/believe them, which I do sometimes depending on the day and my mood- 2015 is MY year and all my fellow bah-bah-bah-emotional woolies, which means we are destined to succeed. And even if it is not destiny per say, this is the kind of positive thinking that will materialize, right? 😉 Okay goats, we GOT THIS!!!

To the goal setting: every year I have the same resolutions as everybody else, the eye-roll-inducing cliche ones, at least the big three. Eat Healthier, Work Out More, Ultimately Lose Weight. I mean I have other resolutions too usually pertaining to my writing and other artistic endeavours, but this year I really want to switch the focus. In 2014 I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression and feeling alone and disconnected from the world. Ultimately, in 2015 I want to make my year about family, community, and togetherness. I also want to make it about savings, and paving a way to the future I want. Kids, a house, a houseful of love AKA pets. I also want to make more time for guilt-free FUN activities, new friendships, and community building. I want to drink less, and give up all other recreational substances I dabble in from time to time which means NO MORE “I only smoke when I drink” I’m a nonsmoker now, all round.

MY 2015 RESOLUTIONS -listview-

1. Move to the Yukon (this is totally attainable because I’ve already booked my plane ticket! Feb 1st, baby, ahhhhh, all the nerves!)

2.Spend more time with Family (doable this year because I’ll actually be living in the same territory as most of them!)

3. Keep in touch with old friends, and family/friends living far away. Make it a priority to Skype at least once a month.

4. Train my puppy- go to puppy classes, obedience training, spend lots of time, snuggles, treats and wags, because she’s worth every minute.

5. Rediscover the Yukon Arts scene, join an acting class, improv troupe, writing group, or some kind of weekly arts community gathering.

6. Play more games. – purchase and/or obtain Scrabble & host many a board games night.

7. Don’t stop singing. Last year one of my resolutions was to sing more, and I’ve definitely achieved that being a part of the amazing Femme City Choir. But, as I am moving far far away and will not be able to be a part of their awesomeness, I vow to continue singing even if it is just in the shower.

8. Cook more! Doable, because a) I will be living outside of walkable pickup and/or delivery range and b) it’s Whitehorse there’s not a whole lot of restaurants to choose from!

9. Join a soccer league (or 2)

10. Spend LOTS of time in nature. Snowshoeing, sledding, skating, camping, kayaking, swimming, berry-picking, fishing…

11. Go to at least one Queer Yukon event, make connections, perhaps help organize future events & workshops

12. Connect with people in the Yukon film scene

13. Collaborate with someone on a creative project

14. Read more! Story, book, & author recommendations ALWAYS appreciated 🙂

15. And as always, WRITE MORE> This year I will try to write more short stories, scripts, and poems, rewrite old works, and continue blogging, which I promise will be a little more regular than the sporadic posts of 2014.

Thanks for reading! And best of luck with all of your goals and adventures of 2015.



New Years Resolutions

time to party

I am NOT a hater of resolutions or written goals. Obviously they can’t be too too ambitious or you’re just setting yourself up for failure, like, don’t bother writing down ‘learn ten languages, travel the world, and cure cancer’  but it never hurt anybody to make a list! And hey, you COULD learn another language this year, and travel somewhere new, and run for the cure, or paint for the cure, or donate or whatever…

It’s a new year, a clean slate, all those things you want to do, you can start now, just WRITE THEM DOWN, pin the list to your wall preferably on your bedroom wall by the light switch or on the back of the bathroom door. And don’t take it down for 365 days, unless you move, and in that case bring it with you wherever you go.

You probably already know this about me but I LOVE LISTS, I am not ashamed to say I am a list pusher, to-do lists, to-make lists, to achieve lists… I have weekly resolutions and monthly goal quotas so why not a new years one too?! It just makes sense!

Last year one of my goals was to create a blog (this blog) and post every single week for an entire year, I think I did pretty well! I only missed a couple weeks here and there and doubled up on other weeks- so yay! Success! Here’s to another year of blogging! and YOU reading it, and us together, dreaming, and achieving…


Here’s what I hope to achieve in 2014!!

* Continue to contribute regularly to Vancouver Weekly

* Do some free lance stuff for other papers/magazines

* Write at LEAST one short story and/or short script PER MONTH for the entire year

* Write some new songs

* Record some songs

* Complete ‘She’s Not Me’ Music Video

* Mess around with Final Cut Pro, and make some fun youtube videos

* Practice Violin regularly (and yes post some videos… finally)

*Start taking lessons again! WOOHOO ♫♪♫♪

*Jam with some new peeps

* Submit nonfiction piece to a bunch of contests

* Get a wicked awesome artsy job… or just ANYTHING outside the hospitality industry…



* SING MORE!!! even if it is mostly in the shower 😉

* Keep exercising regularly and weight lifting… a.k.a obtain dream of bulgy biceps

* Submit pitch for crazy8’s 2015

* Continue the exciting adventure that is Chalk With Me, and chalk new messages in new places all year!

* Oh, and, last but not least, TRAVEL, somewhere hot.

What are your goals for 2014?!!? Do Share!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! and thank-you for reading!

Also a big thank-you to all of my WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube followers who read, liked, and kept coming back for more this year, your support means the world to me.


Heidi J. Loos