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Check out this little promo video  I made for my friends at Yukon Women in Trades and Technology.

YWITT LogoThis organization does great work and I was thrilled to help them spread the word about their wonderful programming and encourage more young women and girls to consider trades & technology careers!

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Young Women Exploring Trades

I work at a pretty cool non-profit organization up here in Whitehorse called Yukon Women in Trades and Technology, which I’ve been working part-time at since last May.

Although I myself am not in the trades, I do have family who are (My dad and brother are both Machinists) and it always really bugs me when people have negative attitudes towards the trades and talk like academia is somehow better. Have you actually met any tradespeople? All the ones I have met are super smart, and WAY better at math than I’ll ever be…of course, the trades are as diverse as the academic world and no two trades are the same. So I shouldn’t generalize about ‘all tradespeople’ but, my point is,  I’ve heard far too many teachers discourage young students from going into the trades because its for people who aren’t as ‘intellectual’  or ‘adept’ or whatever- like are you serious?!?!

It also gets on my nerves whenever anyone says that the trades are just for men- hello, it’s 2015! Get with the program people! We need qualified, skilled tradesPEOPLE to make the world go around.

We need infrastructure built, we need houses, we need clothing, we need transportation (we need all the machines and parts for those machines used to make everything we use everyday, all the time. like even our toothbrushes). Think about it.

Needless to say I’m super happy to be able to promote the trades and technology sectors to young women and girls in our northern community! And last month, in October, YWITT hosted it’s 15th annual Young Women Exploring Trades Conference which was SO MUCH FUN to organize, and an incredible learning opportunity! So I wanted to share this little video my bestie, Nina put together from the conference 🙂

Love & Gratitude

Heidi J. Loos